Beers and Ideas gets the community involved in creating placemaking projects that make our public spaces more vibrant, interesting, fun and memorable.



What is placemaking?

Placemaking empowers the local community to take action in re-imagining and reinventing the public spaces we share. When we work together towards our vision for a better place, we encourage a sense of belonging — to a place, and to a community. Whether it's a beautiful mural, a family yoga series or a sewing workshop, placemaking projects encourage smiles, conversation and new friendships.


Beers and Ideas

We want to inspire a sense of fun and possibility in our city. We believe that if we work together to improve our public spaces, we'll make Warrnambool a more lively and engaging place to be; a place the community is proud of and connected to; a place where we share unique, positive and fun experiences.

Beers and Ideas is a collaborative initiative run by a team of local Placemaking enthusiasts, consisting of Karen Miller, Mairead Whelan, Helen Sheedy, Candice Hampstead and Sinead Murphy.
Warrnambool City Council proudly supports Beers and Ideas through funding, Officer support in getting the ideas implemented and fast-tracking permits. 
We think it’s a great example of how we can work together – council facilitating a creative, active community.