Beers and Ideas Round 2 Recap

And just like that..... Beers and Ideas Round 2 is done and dusted and we couldn't be happier with how it all transpired! The positive, creative and supportive energy everyone is bringing to the whole process is warming our hearts. We love seeing the smiles on everyones dials!

Four more thoughtful and inspiring ideas were put forward to a great crowd on Wednesday, 6th of December at Super Kawaii Studio. So many new faces!! After some solid socialising, we were ready for the all important Ideas....

Georgie Jones proposed a communal herb garden, jam packed with uncommon herbs that are not readily available, in the CBD for anyone and everyone to help grow and enjoy.  Gordon Donaldson was next with his Typewriter Street Poet idea where he writes impromptu poetry on any subject given to him. The Warrnambool Yoga Project, represented by Peta Jolley, was our third idea of the night. The group of Yogis are keen to develop and run a free yoga day at the civic green and eventually create a summer series and yoga festival. Finally, Jodie Fleming put forward her idea of a large blackboard which would pose a mental health based question and allow people to write their answers and feelings down on a daily basis. The idea also included a "Conversation Couch", a place for people to have a casual chat with a psychologist. 

At the conclusion of the four presentations votes were cast and a "winner" was announced...the Warrnambool Yoga Project got the nod! A grand total of $1075 (including a generous donation of $100 from one local legend!) will be matched by WCC and will go a long way to starting something really special in Warrnambool, a city that is showing more and more love for yoga all the time.


As with Round 1, there was a lot of support shown for all the Ideas and again, we have had people offer to help the other 3 ideas come to fruition. This is what Beers and Ideas is all about. It's not a competition, even though there is a "winner". We just love seeing the support from all areas of the community

Ultimately, it's the People with the ideas, the People that turn up and vote, that help out on the night, that ask questions, that shake hands and introduce themselves to someone they don't know, that offer ideas to help ideas and the People who bring an open mind that make Beers and Ideas what it is. Thank you to all of the People!! 



Sinead Murphy