Beers and Ideas Round 3 Recap

Well, another Beers and Ideas has been and gone, this time on Wednesday March 28th at it's usual location, the wonderful Super Kawaii Studio. This was the third Beers and Ideas and it was another fantastic turnout. It was so encouraging to see over one hundred people come to listen, learn and encourage the participants. The most we've had so far! A few regulars and also a lot of new faces attended and were once again super positive and supportive of the ideas and the whole Beers and Ideas ethos.

Fittingly, we had three ideas submitted for Round 3, all of them very well presented and promising fun and interactive community participation. 

Hamish James, an 8 year old go-getter, presented his Idea for a Mini-Beast workshop and display in a shop front. If you're not familiar with Mini-Beasts, I suggest you check them out! Little creatures made using all sorts of gathered bits and pieces that make for a great learning experience. Hamish had already approached Tamara from Fish Tales to use a space next to the cafe and during question time after his presentation, Warrnambool Art Gallery director Vanessa Gerrans put her hand up to offer space at the gallery for the Mini-Beasts to be let loose! We are currently working with Hamish to bring his idea to life in the next school holidays!

Our second idea came from Benjamin Spencer, who proposed a community Seed Library., a place for people to bring their own seeds to give or trade for other seeds from other donors. Benjamin is an avid gardener and brought along a jar of 8,000 broccoli seeds to show how easy they are to gather. He pitched a strong presentation which, although it didn't take home the most votes, was positively received and garnered lots of support with people offering cupboards and carpentry work to create a storage system for the library. Subsequently, the Warrnambool Community Garden approached Benjamin to offer their space to set up the library!

Brenda O'Connor presented her Idea of a sewing station, set up in one of the CBD's empty shops. The station will provide anyone interested the opportunity to learn to sew at various workshops, with the focus on making "Boomerang Bags", a recycled material alternative to single use plastic bags. Brenda was very informative and organised, having already started planning before she submitted to Beers and Ideas. The Idea obviously struck a chord with the voters, with Brenda collecting the most votes on the night, along with the $1100 raised on the door!! Congratulations Brenda! We can't wait to see local people choosing the Boomerang Bags over plastic really soon! 


This Beers and Ideas was also the first with what we call "I CAN HELP" cards. These are a way for anyone in attendance to commit to helping any or all ideas, regardless of votes, to get off the ground. The cards were a hit, with numerous people using them to offer space, funding, materials or just a helping hand. Well done Warrnambool!!

Again, Beers and Ideas wouldn't happen without the ongoing support of this wonderful community so we thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts. A special thanks must go to Bill and Sheila Murphy for looking after the door, Shaun Miller and Helen Sheedy from WCC for their unwavering support, Lucky from Hustle & Bank Photography for capturing the evening for us and to Round 1 winner, Jimmi Buscombe for just being so happy to promote us, bring bottomless positivity and get us more ice when we've run out right on show time!!!

Thanks again and see you at Round 4!!



Sinead Murphy