Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about Beers and Ideas that's not answered here, feel free to email us.


What is placemaking?

It is the process of creating vibrant, authentic and memorable public spaces that are deeply-valued by their communities and admired by visitors.

Placemaking inspires the local community to collectively re-imagine and reinvent the public spaces they share; to work together to articulate, plan and deliver a vision for a better place.


What are some examples of placemaking?

Placemaking can really be anything the engages people in a public space. It can be physical — an art installation, a mural, a garden — or an experience — live music, an open air cinema, a performance, a pop-up dinner or food stall, play activities — or both! Check out the Inspiration page for some placemaking examples we love from around the world.


Are these any limitations?

There are a few guidelines that your idea should keep in mind:
1. It needs to be a placemaking idea. That means, it must be in a public space.
2. Because the matched council funding is coming from the City Centre Renewal program, ideas should be focussed on public spaces within the Warrnambool CBD for now (think laneways, carparks, footpaths, empty shops etc)
3. We'd like to fund entire projects at the event night, so you don't have to find extra funding elsewhere. Cheap and cheerful is the aim!
4. Projects should be well thought out and ready to act on. Deliverable is also the aim!


I have a placemaking idea. What next?

Great! Before you submit your idea, it's worthwhile considering how you're going to bring the project to life. You'll be the project manager, so some things to think about are:

  • What will you need
  • What's the budget?
    Keep in mind that the winning idea will receive:
    Number of event night attendees x $10, plus this amount in matched council funding.
    As a guide, the winner of our first event took home $1,500.
  • Where and when will your idea be installed or take place?
  • Who's permission might you need?
    Eg. you will need permission from the building owner if you'd like to paint a mural.

Once you've considered the points above, you can submit your idea by filling out the form on the Apply page.


I have an idea, but I need some help to getting the information listed above.

If you're unsure about anything, we can help guide you through the process to ensure you idea is ready to submit – just email us:


Can we submit an idea as a group?



I've submitted my idea online. What next?

We'll get back to you to let you know if your idea has been selected to present or not. If it hasn't, we'll give you some constructive feedback.


Where and when do the event nights happen?

Currently the Beers and Ideas nights take place at Super Kawaii Studio, every month or so. We set the date as soon as we have enough great ideas submitted (around once a month hopefully!). We'll announce the event night date on our Events page and on social media. 


What happens if my idea is successful?

You'll receive all of the money raised on the door of the event night, plus matched funding from Warrnambool City Council to bring your idea to life. Council will also help out be fast tracking any permits or insurance you might require. You will be the project manager, so it's your job to bring the idea to life. We encourage community involvement, so get your friends, family and neighbours involved! Event nights can be a great place to find enthusiastic new friends to help you as well!


What if I have money left-over once the project is complete?

It's yours to keep! You deserve it, for working hard to make Warrnambool a more vibrant, fun and super cool place to be.


Is this a council run thing?

Nope! This is a community, volunteer organisation run by Sinéad Murphy. Warrnambool City Council are facilitating by funding event nights (for the first 12 months), offering matched funding for projects (for the first 12 months), fast tracking permits and arranging public liability insurance if required.


Beers and Ideas sounds awesome. Can I be a sponsor?

Thanks! I'm glad you asked. We're currently seeking funding so we can continue through this start-up stage. We have a sponsorship pack which outlines what we can offer you in return for your support. Please get in touch via email: if you'd like a copy emailed to you.