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Congratulations to James, Adam & Jan. Their idea for a veterans & community day during Veterans Mental Health week won Beers and Ideas Round 7!

It was yet another tough choice for voters, so it was no surprises that it was one of the closest results yet, with just one vote separating our winner and second place idea for a Warrnambool Music Forum.

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Beers and Ideas gets the community involved in creating placemaking projects that make our public spaces more vibrant, interesting, fun and memorable.

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How it works

We've created a process that makes it easy to turn a 'how-cool-would-that-be' idea into a real-life placemaking project.

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We host event nights where cool ideas are presented to a cool crowd, who pay $10 for a drink and a vote. The idea with the most votes is funded with all of the money raised on the door.

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We've hosted 7 events, funded 8 projects and we're stoked! Click below to read all about it.

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Get involved

Have you got a placemaking idea for Warrnambool? Great! Submit it here:


If you'd like to join the team or sponsor Beers + Ideas, please get in touch.

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