How it works

We've created a process that makes it easy to turn a 'how-cool-would-that-be' idea into a real-life placemaking project:



1. Think

Think of a placemaking idea you want to create in Warrnambool. An idea you think will make a public space more vibrant, interesting, fun, memorable or all of the above! Consider how, who and what you might need to make it happen, and what your budget would be.


2. Share

We highly encourage you to collaborate. Get a team together, share your ideas over a couple of ginger beers or actual beers and make it fun! Make your idea the best it can possibly be.


3. Submit

Submit your idea online here. We'll contact you after you've submitted your idea. We'll let you know if your idea is ready to be presented, or, if it needs a bit more work, we'll give you some constructive feedback.


4. Invite

all of your friends to come to Beers and Ideas! On the night, everyone pays $10 at the door in exchange for a drink and a vote.


5. Present

You'll have 5 minutes to share your idea and answer a few questions from the audience. No slick, rehearsed performances necessary.


6. Vote

The audience votes for the idea they'd most like to see happen in Warrnambool. We'll tally up the votes while the crowd has a chance to meet new people and chat about new ideas. In the event of a tie break, to ensure that all of the money and WCC funding goes to one idea to get it off the ground – the 5 members of the Beers and Ideas team will cast their votes independently to make sure there is a winner!


7. The Winning Idea

is the one with the most votes. The winner takes home all of the money raised from the door to bring their idea to life. We also ask the audience to offer their support, skills and resources to any of the presenters, so hopefully all of the ideas can go ahead.


8. Bonus

As a special kick-starter for Beers and Ideas, the Warrnambool City Council City Renewal Program will match the funding raised on the night to a maximum of $500. And, as a regular feature, WCC will fast track any permits required to make your idea happen and help out with resources wherever possible.


9. Repeat!

Then we do it all over again. Got an idea? Click below to submit!