Beers and Ideas is a place for sharing, funding, creating and celebrating placemaking ideas in Warrnambool.


What is placemaking? It is the process of creating vibrant, authentic and memorable public spaces that are deeply-valued by their communities and admired by visitors.

Placemaking inspires the local community to collectively re-imagine and reinvent the public spaces they share; to work together to articulate, plan and deliver a vision for a better place.

Beers and Ideas aims to engage and empower local people to carry out placemaking projects in Warrnambool. We want to inspire a sense of fun and possibility in our city by simplifying the process of bringing these projects to life. We believe that improving our public spaces will make Warrnambool a more lively and engaging place to be; a place that the community is proud of and connected to; a place where we share unique and positive experiences; a place where everyone wants to be.


Got an idea in mind? Click here to find out how our process works.

To view some examples of placemaking projects we love from around the world, check out our Inspiration page.